Easter holiday homework..

As part of our English unit, we would like you to research the Great North Run. You can present your findings any way you like. Here are some key questions for you to think about:

When did the first Great North Run take place?
How often does it happen?
Where does it happen?
Why do people take part in it?

Please bring your research in by Wednesday 1st May. 

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Use the links below to help with your research today:






MOMO Internet Safety Challenge!

With pupils worried about the MOMO Challenge, we had a special Computing lesson looking at Internet Safety, as the MOMO Challenge maybe fake but we still need to stay safe.


BBC – What to do if something online upsets you.

Over the years in school we have done loads on internet safety so try the game Band Runner to see if you can stay safe. https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/8_10/

On Wednesday Morning Mr Connolly is holding an internet safety workshop for all parents – remind yours to come along and find out more.