A window into our year 5 classrooms!


Year 5 are expected  to complete two projects each term as homework. One of them is a reading project and one of them is a project about the Greeks. If you need inspiration, take a look at some of the examples so far. We expect all children to bring in all of their finished pieces of work in the last week of this half term. 



Wow! We were amazing learners today and showed brilliant resilience! We used equipment to represent different values of decimal numbers with ones, tenths, hundredths and thousandths. This helped us understand the value of each digit. Tomorrow, we are building on this by comparing different decimal numbers! 


The Year 5 teachers have been so impressed with all the homework that has brought in so far for the Greek and reading projects. We have had beautiful paintings, timelines of Greek history, biographies, fact sheets, quizzes and even some sculptures! It is very clear that lots of effort has been put in at home to produce  such high-quality homework and it is obvious that the pupils are having fun producing it. We can’t wait to see what is brought in this week!IMG_0722IMG_0723

Tag rugby.

One of the units of work we are doing this term is Tag Rugby.  It isn’t like the sport you see on TV as it is none contact.  You tackle someone by grabbing their Velcro tags from the belt they are wearing. 

The grass was a little wet on Tuesday but we still went on to the field so our clothes might get a little muddy.  

Mr Connolly wore his rugby boots but football boots would work just as well.  So if you have some boots bring them in it makes running and turning quickly much easier.

That’s personal!

Today in Computing we are going to look again at internet safety.

As a group can you say what mistakes Becky made?

In school and in life we are going to use the following rules to help us stay safe.


From what we have learned today can you sort the which answers to questions should be secure and which are safe to share?

Year 5 Computer Safety

Perfect presentation

Today we practised our presentation to make sure that we are ready for Year 5. These are 3 brilliant examples of neat, joined handwriting. I wonder if you can recognise your own work? 


We started our Groovy Greeks topic today by searching in the school grounds for parts of Greek pots. We then constructed them. With our fabulous sketching skills, we imagined what one of the pots would look like if we just had one piece.