A window into our year 5 classrooms!

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Ohhh no!  I didn’t get a picture of Year 5 doing the Ball Pat!  This skill is really useful for basketball as it is one of the main ways of moving around the court.  But it requires hand and eye coordination, good balance and the ability to judge how much force you need.  All these […]

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Today in Year 5, we have been writing our own space stories. First we listened to a space story and used a grid to break it down into key parts such as: characters, settings, plot, conflict, resolution and scientific links. After that, we had to sort a range of facts based on how important we […]

a-MAZE-ing Games

Over the last term we have worked really hard trying to use lots of different computing skills to create our own versions of the game Crab Maze.  Using Mr Connolly’s teaching and Cheat Sheets (Computer versions of a stuck station) pairs of pupils became designers and programmers to make some amazing games.

Yesterday, we turned the classroom into an arcade!  Year 2 pupils were given 50p in plastic money to ‘spend’ on games – after they played them to see which was the best in the class.  It was very close this year so rather than one winner from each class there were a few.  These have been uploaded online for others to play.

But it isn’t done…  We need to pick the best game of all to put forward into the Digital Creativity Awards…  So play each game a few times and then decide – Which is the best game?  Cast your vote.

Flower Fairy

Unicorn Chase

Peacock Maze

Dancing Man

Running Man

Ninja Game

Chick Drive

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Throw and Catch – Standing on a spot – throw the ball into the air and catch it!  That is level 1. Level 2 – Throw the ball into the air – kneel down on one knee and then catch the ball! There is a level 3 and beyond – but we need to really […]

As part of our are North America topic, we sketched a range of Disney characters. At first, we did this just using our observational skills and then followed a step-by-step tutorial to see if our sketches had improved. After adding shadows and shading to our sketches, we then sketched a final BEST Disney character.  As […]

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Any sport that has an element of defending needs players to be able to run (track) backwards at speed and confidence – football, rugby, netball and basketball.  Cricket, rounders and tennis need players to run backwards so they can keep an eye on the ball for a catch or to take a shot. The figure […]

Some of the girls from Year 5 have put on yet another successful cake sale! Your organisation, team work and customer service skills meant you were able to range a fantastic £74.76 for the charity, Save the Children.  Well done, girls! We are so proud of you all.